Travel Tuesday: A quick trip to the North East (part 1)

My husband and I recently decided to attend a conference in Atlantic City regarding a business venture were are considering. I planned out the budget for the trip and soon learned that my husband had a prospective client in the area. We changed plans to head out a few days early so we could both get some work done in the area. I could do some genealogy research for a client whose family living in Philadelphia in the late 1700s and he could meet with his client in the area. In an effort to save some money we decided to fly into Baltimore, so I checked the Baltimore area for relevant resources. I learned that the University of Baltimore archives holds the American Clan Gregor Society archives, my client is eligible for membership and I wanted to see what jewels might be in their archival collection.

We had a pre-dawn flight from Texas and arrived by lunch. Upon our arrival at the University library we were seating looking through the 15+ boxes of materials. The librarian had retrieved most of the boxes from that collection waiting for us. (Fortunately my husband’s appointments fell through and he was available to assist me.) We had thrown in 2 digital cameras and the librarian approved their use as long as we turned off the flash. I gave my husband one of the cameras and a short list of the surnames we were looking for. It wasn’t long until we where both uncovering pages and pages of draft documents from their annual publication. The pages included lists of all sorts of family information; names, family groups, dates for birth marriage and deaths, property records, wills, and probate information. This information alone is great, but it gives me enough information to retrieve copies of the original documents. So to the internet I will go looking to see the local holders requirements for obtaining copies. The good thing about looking at these draft documents and not just the finished publication are the extensive notes and edits in the typed and handwritten pages. Some of the information was considered too speculative (interesting non-the-less) or too lengthy and parts were edited out.

Unfortunately, part way through our image capturing afternoon one of the cameras started to malfunction. We tried changing out the memory card, but it didn’t seem to help. My IPhone saved the day. We sat there for hours and ended up with hundreds of images.

Although the Baltimore leg of the visit was only a few hours, this part of the trip was successful because we went in with some very specific goals and a short list of names. Then on the road in a driving rain to Atlantic City.

The normally three hour drive took us a little longer as visitors on unfamiliar wet roads. We arrived in Atlantic City, checked into the hotel, grabbed some dinner, settled into our room and discovered that there was no wireless internet. Ugh, we had to plug in to the cable. I don’t think I had ever plugged in this laptop. What an inconvenience, no perching up on the pillows of the king sized bed with my laptop while my husband channel surfs. I was exhausted any way. The next day, Philadelphia…

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