A letter to her son about his baby sister–amanuensis Monday

This is a letter my grandmother wrote to her oldest son and daughter-in-law about the birth of his youngest sister, my mother, when she was just four days old. I think it was also to remind them to bring some borrowed items for their upcoming visit. My aunt uncovered this and a couple of other letters and gave them to my mother a few years before her death. As the families historian, I am the current keeper of the letters and will share them with you. For readability I have added punctuation and corrected misspellings.


A note about the names and locations mentioned. The letter is to Meredith and his wife Veronica (for the family we knew them as Toots and Doc). He was in the Army and they were likely coming home on leave. Ruth is his younger sister by one year and Aubery (Aubry) was her boyfriend/fiancé. They lived in Borger, Texas, an oil boomtown in the Texas panhandle, for 5 years, after living in Chanute, Kansas. Bob is the youngest boy and was about 8, Jr. is the next oldest and was about 12. Peggy is a pet, and of course Mama is her mother in Kansas.


Borger Texas

July 13 [1932]

Dear Boy and Girl:

Dad insists I write you so you can get it before you leave. Ruth promised to write but there has been so much to do & so a hub bub she didn’t get to it. You may not be able to read this. We are all getting along fine. Patricia just sleeps & eats. Meredith she looks exactly like you did has as much black hair & just fat. We have had lots of company & everyone raves over her. She has the prettiest hands & arms just like a doll. It has been terrible hot in bed. Aubery brought over his fan, but Dr Doesn’t want me to use it & he is so cranky about my diet. We are counting the days till you come. I will just be up, but Ruth won’t be working then so you girls will have to be cooks. I guess. Are you going to stop in Chanute at all?

Bob is crazy about the baby but Jr is like you were about Bob kinda embarrasses him. Mr. & Mrs. Mac came over Sat a.m. and brought her the loverst things. We need a rain by hope it rains before you come. Don’t forget my freezer & pitcher. We will want to make cream often while you are [here]. The boys have been in the house more this week than all summer even Peggy stays under my bed all the time. I want to write Mama a few lines too. I know she is anxious to hear from us. We will be county the days sure now till you come.

Write us     Love    Mother

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